Diamond Magic

Problem: Water Spots
Solution: Diamond Magic

Diamond Magic is a creme compound with a special formulation and real diamond dust to make a formidable stain remover and polishing compound. Diamond Magic eliminates water spots and stains while polishing the surface. This product works on windows, shower doors, tile floors and metal surfaces.
Application is simple! Apply the Diamond Magic onto the desired area with a Microfiber Cloth or Microfiber Applicator and manually rub the creme in a circular motion until it polishes away the hard water stain. You will be able to feel the glass become smoother as the surface is polished. Be careful; do not apply with too much pressure in one spot, spread your finger pressure over a large area to avoid scratching the surface. Once the polishing is completed, rinse off the surface with a Microfiber Cloth to wipe away the residual creme.

   Before Diamond Magic:                                                                                      After Diamond Magic:


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