ProTool 3 Star Barrier

ProTool 3 Star Barrier 

Looking for an invisible molecular barrier that protects against scratching?
Try ProTool 3 Star Barrier!


This product will protect your windows from hard water stains, masonry run-off, atmospheric pollution. This forms a bond to glass, ceramic, porcelain and other non-porous glass-like surfaces to form an invisible barrier that protects the surface against scratching, while repelling liquids and dirt. 3 Star Barrier will give you a 3-6 month protection on the glass. Simply mix 1 gallon of water with 1 bottle of 3 Star Barrier, get your mop and squeegee, and you’re all set! This ratio will last you over 10,000 square feet of glass. The mixed solution lasts about 3 months within a covered bucket.



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