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Service Industry professionals, are always looking for new ways to find new customers. In the beginning of our journey, we tend to have more time than money. Handing out flyers and knocking on doors becomes the only way we can grow, until we get our business off the ground.

There are options out there, that can get your business known and get the phone ringing. One of the most popular – with the Service Industry crowd – is EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). It has been a valuable tool, however it does have some limitations. One of the limitations is waste. You want as many mail pieces as possible to reach your potential customers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to target the right customer, because EDDM pieces are delivered to everyone in a specified area. What does this mean? It means there are a lot of mail pieces going to commercial properties, schools, apartment buildings etc., whom are more than likely, not your targeted customer.

This is where Sendjim comes in!

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Sendjim is a powerful platform that allows you to send targeted postcards to YOUR potential clients, from the app, while you are in the field. The premise is simple…   

  1. Download the app
  2. Pick a template
  3. Add your cards to a schedule
  4. Select your address and START!


Sendjim is more than just an app to send postcards – it’s about building relationships with your existing customers, and ensuring that they are with you for a lifetime! One of the way they do this, is by allowing you to send follow-up gifts, like cookies or gift cards. Even more powerful is the ability to send personalized emails and letters in a timed sequence.

This software was created by Josh Latimer and Chris Phillips. This partnership has been together awhile…. They built and sold Birds Beware Window Cleaning, using a lot of the tactics and practices that are a part of the Sendjim platform. If you have been around a while in the Window Cleaning Industry, then I am sure you have heard of his company at Josh runs a bootcamp to help businesses of all sizes. He also has a Podcast called, “Quick Talk”.  Recently, I had a chance to talk with Chris Phillips (co-founder) of Sendjim.

What’s new?

Chris tells me there are some amazing, NEW features coming to Sendjim. One of the features that’s been around for awhile is the Radius BOMB. This feature allows you to target a single home, or a complete neighborhood from your office. Sendjim on its own, allows you to pick individual properties while on the field. Even more powerful is the ability to look at a satellite image of your targeted neighborhood, and see the properties up-close. Currently you can use one of the available templates, to create your design. SOON, you will be able to create your own design in their NEW Template Editor. I am told this new tool is similar to Canva.

It doesn’t end there….The Sendjim platform will soon be able to help you with your employees. Within the app your employees will stay engaged with your company culture, with rewards for being on time, completing tasks and being a productive part of company.  Not all CRM’s are created equal. With that said, Sendjim will soon integrate with your favourite invoicing and accounting software, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Membership has their privileges

Most powerful, will be the Super Course, that will be provided within the platform. You will have access to industry professionals who will help you grow your business. This platform is more than the ability to send postcards or gifts. It is truly about having access to people who have “been there” and “done that.” We tend to focus on always looking for new customers instead of taking care of the ones we have, and letting them spread the word.

If you want to learn more go to or to You can also call Chris Phillips direct at 1855-663-5937.

Thanks again, Chris!





Guest post author: Alan Karr with Window Kare

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