Winter Gloves Review

Winter Gloves Review

Winter is upon us and for a window cleaner that can mean cold hands. There are a number of glove choices and people are always asking about the gloves and how they perform. So we sent 4 different styles of gloves off to a window cleaner who cleans in the cold of Canada for Evaluation.

Here we have his individual assessments and an overview…



Unger Neoprene Glove
This glove is lined has a neoprene, water-proof exterior and is padded with a foam interior. This provides comfort, protection and warmth. These gloves have a Velcro strap to keep your hands warm and dry. Watch this video for more information on these gloves.



Winter Plus Glove.
This glove is made with a water-proof exterior and a fleece interior. The palm includes a heavy duty non-slip grip. They are durable, dexterous, comfortable and warm. Watch the video for more information.



Seal Skinz Gloves
These gloves have a fleece lining as well as a waterproof exterior. There is an extra layer on the outside of the glove allowing breathing room to get rid of any moisture inside. Watch this video to gain insight on the Seal Skinz gloves.



Glacier Glove
Has a neoprene exterior and a fleece lining. These gloves come with a natural curve at the fingers to help reduce fatigue. Watch this video to learn more about the Glacier Glove.



An overview video:



Check out these gloves on our website for more information.

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