Catching Up with the Wizard of Wood

I recently caught up with the Wizard of Wood himself, Everett Abrams, at the Huge Convention this past August to see what he head coming down the pipeline. His answer: a lot.

  1. The Deck Restoration Plus (DRP) Basic Exterior Wood Manual: Often referred to as the “Wood Bible” by industry members, the manual is designed to work as both a training book and a field guide to help you problem solve on the job. Everett is currently working on some expansions to the guide, getting into topics like cedar shake roofs, log cabins, new tools and equipment, alternative restoration methods, and more.
  2. New Water-Based Wood Stain Colors: Everett recently introduced  Barnegat Gray, twhich has quickly become his best-selling stain. “Ship Bottom Brown” – a medium brown color – is due out in 2020.
  3. DRP Restorer: As Everett explained,This is a nice middle product that falls between a cleaner and stripper. It’s good for organic grow when you need more than a cleaner but not enough to actually strip the wood.”
  4. Revised Stripper: Due out in 2020, the new DRP stripper is being redesigned to address more of today’s wood coatings, including both water-based and oil-based coatings.

Everett has also started a new Facebook group entitled the “Deck Restoration Plus Deck & Wood Stains Product and Support Group
designed for DRP customers who are using their restoration products and deck and wood stains.

DRP Deck & Wood Restorer, Item # 320-779

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