Our Take on the X-Jet Chemical Spraying Tool

We highly recommend using the X-Jet nozzle for house and commercial building cleaning. Here’s our analysis: The pros: The X-Jet lets you shoot chemicals up to 40-feet high while standing safely on the ground. It saves on chemical usage. Because the X-Jet only sucks chemicals through the nozzle, you don’t have to clean out your… Continue reading Our Take on the X-Jet Chemical Spraying Tool

ProTool Clever

How to Set Up Your Pro Tool Clever The Protool Clever Softwash sprayer makes house washing simple! The Clever is a water-powered spraying system that perfectly mixes your chemicals at the rates you choose. This easy-to-use system eliminates the risk of under- or over-dosing chemicals. The Clever is unique in the soft washing market because… Continue reading ProTool Clever