Class Descriptions – old

JRC University Class Descriptions




Systematic Approach to OSHA 1910                                                                 

This class will teach the Systematic Approach to OSHA 1910 in an easy to follow
system that any business can implement


Gutter Cleaning

This class will teach gutter cleaning techniques both traditional methods
with a ladder and gutter vac systems.


Concrete Cleaning

This class will train participants in the area of concrete cleaning and
removal of difficult stains.


Water-fed Training

This class will cover water fed systems, poles and techniques.


Ladder Safety Training

This class will cover ladder training to service contractors utilizing the OSHA
1910 general standard as a guideline.


Sales Training

This class will provide an in depth look at how to price both commercial and
residential jobs.                                                                                                                                                 


Awning Training

This class will teach you how to properly clean and seal awnings using
approved methods.


House Wash Training

This class that teach how to perform house washing using both soft wash
and pressure wash techniques.


Hard Water Cleaning                                                                                                             

Class will be an in-depth look at glass types, staining that occurs on the surfaces
and how to safely remove those stains.



This class will give an in-depth training on understanding the Softwash
process and chemicals.