Cold Water Pressure Washing Kit

Cold Water Pressure Washing Kit



Looking for a complete start up package for cold water operators? Look no further, the pressure washing contractor kit is your answer! This kit includes the following products:

  • 4.0gpm 4000psi cold direct drive (74-1106)
  • Ball valve (74-4960)
  • Hammerhead 18in. (74-3803)
  • 50ft PW hose 4000psi (74-3503)
  • X-Jet M5 variable (74-5711)
  • Gutter bomb 1 gallon (89-801)
  • Protool stick 1 gallon (83-01)
  • Protool Oily Man 1 gallon (83-081)
  • Protool clean-up (83-091)

With this kit you can clean various surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios as well as perform gutter cleaning, house cleaning and take care of those oil stains left by BBQs or automobiles.


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