Water Fed pole at great heights

Gardiner Poles

Gardiner Poles

Gardiner offers a variety of extendable poles with brushes to cover the range of work encountered in exterior window cleaning. These poles are the most versatile, lightest and most compact range of telescopic water-fed pole poles in the market. Each pole includes Super Lite 11in. brush, gooseneck, all season hose and connectors.

Everyday use for heights from 20-40ft.  Add extensions to reach up to 60ft. 

Ultimate Pole
Designed for everyday work at 50ft. Add extensions to reach 90ft.  

Built for working at heights of 45-55 ft everyday. Add extensions to work at 60ft. 



Xtreme is the go-to pole for regular work about 50ft. Add extensions to work at 73ft. 

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