Gardiner Water-Fed Poles

Gardiner Water-Fed Poles



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CLX Pole:








SLX Pole:









Xtreme Pole:










Ultimate Pole:










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Gardiner offers a variety of extendable poles with brushes to cover the range of work encountered in exterior window cleaning.  The  ranges of Gardiner poles are as follows:


The CLX pole is primarly used for cleaning 1st, 2nd, and some 3rd floor work. The 27ft CLX is the go-to pole in this range offering great values in a pole that extends to 27ft.  The short overall length of this pole (Approx. 5ft 5in) offers easy storage and is easy to use around obstacles and under overhangs.


Next up are the SLX poles which are full carbon and at 50 HM Carbon Fiber. They are lightweight but rugged, sturdy everyday use poles that are designed for heights from 30-50 feet in length. The go-to poles in this range are the 39ft SLX carbon and the 50ft LX SuperMax HM Carbon Pole.


Then comes the X3 xTreme series which, for years, has lead the industry in lightweight and stiffness. The X3 Xtreme poles can be used for everyday window cleaning and can easily accommodate working heights up to 70ft. The go-to pole is the 47ft X3 xTreme, which is super easy to maneuver when extended and is one of only a couple of poles that can be lifted from off the ground and easily placed on the building when extended at 47ft.


The top of the line from Gardiner is the Ultimate HM Carbon and Kevlar Pole with 46ft and 74ft models (77ft reach) (The 46ft pole can be extended later to 74ft). The Ultimate pole is designed to allow the operator to be working at very tall WFP heights all day with less fatigue.




All Gardiner poles come in kits that include a pole, hose and quick connects. Not exactly sure how to assemble your Gardiner Water-Fed Pole system? Watch the video below for easy-to-follow instructions.





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