Giving Back at the Huge Convention

Craig Hendzel of Lakewood Window Cleaning in Ohio said he couldn’t go to a window cleaning convention without finding some work in that town. “I just love cleaning windows!”

So before recently heading to Branson, Missouri, for the Huge Convention earlier this month, Craig called the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society and offered to clean their two store-front locations. “It was not much work, but they sure did appreciate some strange window cleaner from Ohio calling to make their day! Who doesn’t love a free window cleaning?”

As it that wasn’t enough, it looks like the shelter may be getting more than a free window cleaning. Craig’s Step Daughter Grace Gerengher, who helped with the project, is likely adopting a puppy from the shelter. His name will be Harvey Yum Yum.

 “Harvey will become our new business mascot and a reminder of how he came to be in our family — a simple trip to a window cleaning convention and a simple gesture of kindness and goodness. He will constantly remind me of one of the best weeks of my life!”

Giving back is a big part of Craig’s vision for his new window cleaning Facebook group called “Into the Flow,” whose are referred to as “Flowmies.”

As Craig explained, “I am flowing the way I want the world to flow — united. All positive. Come flow with me!”

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