“I Love My Gardiner!”

George Green of  Sunshine Window Cleaning in Jonesboro, Arkansas, stopped by our booth at the Huge Convention to let us know how much he loves using his Gardiner Water Fed Pole.

“I’m really happy with our 47-foot Gardiner, and I like using Gardiner much more than the poles we’ve had in the past,” George explained.

Specifically, George said the carbon fiber poles he used before the Gardiner would crack and splinter. “I’ve pulled so much carbon fiber out of my hands over the past 14 years!” He also said he’s had problems with the Goosenecks of other poles. “Some of my past Goosenecks would snap. I haven’t had that problem with Gardiner.”

Finally, George added that he likes the locks better on Gardiner poles than those he used in the past. “The locks on my past poles had no reinforcement, and they would burn my hands from the friction. Gardiner is a great product!

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