Ionic Poles: Water-Fed Poles and Accessories

Ionic water-fed poles are a big name within the window washing world; often spoken about, highly valued, and frequently used. They use no harsh chemicals—only pure water—which makes them an ideal solution for keeping solar panels and windows clean and operating at peak efficiency in the safest most environmentally-friendly way.

J.Racenstein not only carries ionic water-fed poles, but we have a variety of ionic pole parts and accessories too!

Transverse Clamps

Unique to ionic water-fed poles, the transverse clamps were designed to improve the poles. When Ionic decided to create a new pole range, they knew an improved clamp design would be needed. Ionic’s transverse clamps, which are used on the 2010 Swift and Glyder poles, represent a step forward in pole design.

Ionic Water-Fed Poles

These commonly used ionic water-fed poles are popular for a reason! Here is an overview of our favored ionic poles.

Glyder, Grafter, & Swift

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