Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: nLite Waterfed Poles & Hydropower Pure Water Cleaning Systems

Every now and then you come across a dream team. Sometimes it’s you and your coworkers; you have systems, procedures, and ways of doing your work that make your team move like a well-oiled machine. Other times, it’s the tools and equipment you use. And if you’ve ever used an Unger nLite waterfed pole and Hydropower pure water cleaning system, you know it’s the perfect combination for getting the job done.

Advertised as the most advanced window cleaning tool, Unger’s nLite waterfed pole and Hydropower pure water cleaning system is perfect for cleaning windows, building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signs, vehicles, and more. This combination of equipment is not only lightweight and ergonomic, but it can reach heights up to 65-feet!

Hydropower Pure Water Cleaning System

The nLite waterfed pole and Hydropower pure water cleaning system dream team starts with its powerful and efficient pure water cleaning system. The Hydropower DI system was developed based on DI user feedback and designed to help save time and money.

The Hydropower DI pure water cleaning system comes equipped with FloWater™ technology that provides users with up to 30% more pure water than other systems. Working hand-in-hand with Unger’s QuickChange™ resin bags, the system distributes water through the filtration system to offer more water output as well as time and cost benefits.

nLite Waterfed Poles

The second yet equally important part of this dream team is the family of patented nLite waterfed poles and brushes. With a number of different waterfed pole designs, heights, extenders, brushes, and other accessories to choose from, you can find and build the perfect tool for the job.


Did you know we’re offering a FREE nLite brush with a $500 or higher purchase of Unger nLite and Hydropower products? Grab your free brush while supplies last!