Oily Man

Problem: Oil Spots
Solution: Oily Man

This product is formulated to tackle those tough oil stains on driveways, sidewalks and concrete. Oily Man is also great to use for de-greasing engines, removing oxidation from vinyl and aluminum siding and removing oil residue from farm and shop equipment.
Oily Man is Protool’s strongest oil degreaser as it offers great cleanup power for taking on those tough stains. Use a chemical sprayer, for small tasks use a pump sprayer or for larger tasks use a battery powered sprayer, to apply Oily Man per the mixing instructions on the label to the desired area. Once the area is covered, allow the chemical to sit and then pressure wash the surface to clean off extra chemical.


Click here to view our Oily Man Degreaser video.



Before using Oily Man:                                                                                                                       After using Oily Man:



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