Optical Gel

If you’re a building cleaning contractor looking for an easy, profitable, effective add-on service that will help your customers and provide residual projects, Optical Gel is perfect solution.

What Is Optical Gel? 

It’s a tiny, natural, safe, and super easy-to-install bird abatement disc system that works amazingly well at keeping birds away from buildings. In fact, it’s fascinating to watch how birds respond.

How Does Optical Gel Work?

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird deterrent that tricks their senses:

  • Sight : To the birds, the dishes put off an illusion of fire or smoke, which they instinctively interpret  as dangerous and stay away.
  • Smell : While the scent of peppermint and citronella is pleasant to humans, it’s repugnant to birds.
  • Touch : In the unlikely instance that the birds get close enough to touch the gel, it feels sticky, which birds hate.
The result is a simple bird deterrent not only ushers birds off where they roost, but actually repulses birds so that they don’t try to land there in the first place.

How Is Optical Gel Installed? 

Optical Gel comes in packs of 24 ready-to-use plastic dish containers that should be placed 6 to 10 inches apart, depending on the location. It’s super easy to install, and comes with three installation options: 

  • Glued

  • Magnetic

  • Zip Ties

Once it’s in place, Optical Gel is invisible to onlookers. Each product lasts 2-4 years depending on environmental and other factors. 

How To Buy Optical Gel?

Optical Gel

The easiest bio-tech force-field you’ll ever install.
It’s natural and safe for us, and yes…even for the birds. But they HATE IT!

Optical Gel Mag

Our traditional Optical Gel with a magnet embedded in the bottom of each disk.

No glue needed. Just remove the lid, place and reposition if necessary.

Optical Gel Zip

100 Zip-Tie Stick-On Bases + 100 Zip-Ties
Optical Gel™ not included.

Peel and stick the Optical Gel Zip to the bottom of each original Optical Gel disk and zip-tie to any tubular building feature. One zip-tie is included with each base.