Prop 65 Cox Reels

Below is a list of Cox Reel products that require Prop 65 warning:

Reel 200/300ft 3000psi Manual68-101
Reel 200/300ft 5000psi Electric 12v 68-102
Reel 200/300ft 3000psi Electric 115v68-1021
Reel 450/625ft 3000psi  Manual68-104
Cart Wheels and Handle Only68-105
Reel Dolly style 225/300ft 4000psi68-106
Reel Bracket Roller Assembly68-109
Reel Caddy Style 100ft 3/8 4000psi 68-111
Reel 150ft 3/8in 4000psi U-Bracket68-1111
Reel Caddy Style 100/150ft68-112
Reel Caddy Style 200/300ft 4000PSI68-113
Stacking Bracket for 1125 Reels68-120
Reel Handle for 1125 Series Reels68-130
Reel Handle for 100 Series Reels68-131
Pin Lock for Reel68-132