Prop 65 Ettore Products

Below is a list of Ettore products that require Prop 65 warning:

Brass Complete 12″12-1125
Brass Complete 14″12-1145
Brass Complete 16″12-1165
Brass Complete 18″12-1185
Brass Channel 6″02-1061
Brass Channel 8″02-1081
Brass Channel 10″01-1101
Brass Channel 12″02-1121
Brass Channel 14″02-1141
Brass Channel 16″02-1161
Brass Channel 18″02-1181
Brass Channel 20″02-1201
Brass Channel 22″02-1221
Stainless Channel 8″02-1082
Stainless Channel 10″02-1102
Stainless Channel 12″02-1122
Stainless Channel 14″02-1142
Stainless Channel 16″02-1162
Stainless Channel 18″02-1182
Stainless Channel 20″02-1202
Stainless Channel 22″02-1222
Ettore Rubber 6in 12pk03-1062
Ettore Rubber 8in 12pk03-1082
Ettore Rubber 10in 12pk03-1102
Ettore Rubber 12in 12pk03-1122
Ettore Rubber 14in 12pk03-1142
Ettore Rubber 16in 12pk03-1162
Ettore Rubber 18in 12pk03-1182
Ettore Rubber 20in 12pk03-1202
Ettore Rubber 22in 12pk03-1222
Ettore Rubber 24in 12pk03-1242
Ettore Rubber 30in 12pk03-1302
Ettore Rubber 36in 12pk03-1362
Ettore Rubber 10in 144pk03-1103
Ettore Rubber 12in 144pk03-1123
Ettore Rubber 14in 144pk03-1143
Ettore Rubber 16in 144pk03-1163
Ettore Rubber 18in 144pk03-1183
Ettore Rubber 20in 144pk03-1203
Ettore Rubber 22in 144pk03-1223
Ettore Rubber 24in 144pk03-1423
Ettore Rubber 30in 144pk03-1303
Ettore Rubber 36in 144pk03-1363
Aluminum Channel 12″02-1124
Aluminum Channel 14″02-1144
Aluminum Channel 16″02-1164
Aluminum Channel 18″02-1184
Ettore Welcome Kit12-105
Super Channel 18″02-1183
Super Channel 24″02-1243
Super Channel 30″02-1303
Super Channel 36″02-1363
Acrylic Squeegee12-1100
Industrial Floor Squeegee 355-205
Industrial Floor Squeegee curved 24355-206
Industrial Floor Squeegee curved 36355-207
Aluminum Floor Squeegee 24″355-216
Aluminum Floor Squeegee 36″355-218
Aluminum Floor Squeegee super curved 30″355-217
Floor rubber for aluminum squeegee 18″357-201
Floor rubber for aluminum squeegee 24″357-202
Floor rubber for aluminum squeegee 30″357-200
Floor rubber for aluminum squeegee 36″357-204
Backflip brass 10″12-1101
Backflip brass 14″12-1141
Backflip brass 18″12-1181
Backflip SS 10″12-1102
Backflip SS 14″12-1142
Backflip SS 18″12-1182