Purple Magic


Need to clean Aluco Bond panels or other exterior building panels? Purple Magic is a highly concentrated solution specifically designed and approved by the manufacturer for cleaning Aluco Bond panels. It mixes with water at various ratios to create an effective cleaner for all types of metals. It slowly dissolves organic soils and oils. The longer it sits, the better it works. 



Mix Ratios:
  • Aluminum: Add 5 oz. to 1 gallon (normal) up to 9 oz. to 1 gallon (heavily soiled)
  • Stainless Steel, Clear Coated Metals: Add 5 oz. to 1 gallon
  • Non-Porous Stone: Add 9 oz. to 1 gallon
  • Limestone, Concrete, Pre-cast, Dryvit: Add 24oz to 1 gallon
  • Porous Stone w/Black Algae: Add 24 oz. to 1 gallon (normal cleaning) up to 64 oz. to 1 gallon (Heavy cleaning)
  • Window Cleaning: Add 3 oz. to 1 gallon
  • Fabric Awnings/ Banners: Add 9 oz. to 1 gallon (normal) up to 18 oz. (Heavy Cleaning)


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