Sales Tax

NJ and CA Taxes

J.Racenstein collects sales taxes in the states of NJ and CA.

Please be aware that when purchasing product from J.Racenstein for a destination in another state, there may be Use Taxes owed on the purchase. This Use Tax on a purchase from an out of state supplier is common for purchases made from any business that sells into a state that it does not have an operation or facility in that state.

More Information on CA Sales Tax and Districts

PA Taxes

We comply with the Commonwealth’s annual reporting requirements for the sales addressed in PA. by sending your purchase information to the state of Pennsylvania.  

J.Racenstein does not collect Pennsylvania sales tax. Therefore, you may be required to remit use tax directly to the Commonwealth on your purchase if the items are subject to Pennsylvania sales tax. 

Pennsylvania sales or use tax may be due in connection with the purchase and delivery of tangible personal property to Pennsylvania individuals and businesses. The purchaser is required to file a use tax return if tax is due in connection with the purchase and delivery in the Commonwealth. 

PA just made it a law that out-of-state companies, like J.Racenstein, that have a certain sales dollar amount in PA need to report customer sales to the commonwealth. You are responsible for deciding if the purchase made from us is eligible for Use Tax. The state of Pennsylvania will not contact you first.

This notice is required pursuant to the provisions of the Tax Reform Code of 1971. 72 P.S. § 7213.2. 

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