Sky Pro Mini

With Sky Pro Window Cleaning Cleaning System there is a safe and inexpensive way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of buildings. Sky Pro® is introducing a smaller, more affordable automated window and building washing solution for window cleaning services and commercial building owners, the Sky Pro Mini

The newest model, Sky Pro Mini™ System, is a smaller more nimble version of the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System. It’s completely portable and ideal for cleaning windows on small and mid-height buildings. This makes it the perfect size for buildings from 3 to 15 stories. Now, using this affordable automated system, a two-person operation can safely, quickly and profitably clean not only windows, but an entire building. It is much safer and easier to use than manual scaffold and boatswain’s chair window cleaning equipment. See how the system works in these videos.

Weighing just over 100 lbs., The Sky Pro Mini™ System has many unique features.

  • Folds down for easy transport
  • Fits easily into the back of a pickup truck
  • Use the optional Sky Pro Mini™ trailer
  • Removable transport wheels to make maneuvering the unit fast and easy.
  • Small size, it fits through a single door.
  • Simple yet elegant design is completely modular, so parts are easily and quickly replaceable.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum, it won’t rust or corrode.
  • If the wind is gusty, built-in stabilizers bars with foam balls reduce the likelihood of building damage.
  • Quick Charger fully re-charges battery in 2 hours
  • Battery delivers 5 hours of operation
  • 12v wireless remote to start and stop the brush
  • Cleans at a variable speed 10 to 50 linear feet per minute or 150 square feet per minute
  • Uses less than a 1/2 gallon of DI/RO water per a minute. Cleans spot free without chemicals

The brush uses finger foam technology that keeps grit and dirt from becoming embedded in the brush. Optional on/off end brushes get into the inside/outside corners for a thorough clean. A dual motor design has one motor at each end of the brush bar. This design maintains brush torque and speed to assure an even cleaning motion. The unit cleans the whole building at a variable speed up to 30 linear feet per minute, translating to 25,000 square feet per day. It uses less than half a gallon of deionized or reverse osmosis water per minute and leaves a spot-free clean without chemicals.

There are two rigging choices. The smaller, parapet wall outrigger has two wheels that make moving the unit laterally easy. When there is sufficient roof area to maneuver, the larger, rolling outrigger option is a good choice as its four-wheeled aluminum stand functions like a crane to add stability and counterweight to the operation.

A special lithium-ion battery delivers 8 hours of operation to power the Sky Pro Mini. Two batteries are included along with a quick charger that recharges a battery in 2 hours. The unit features an emergency stop button, 12-volt wireless remote to start and stop the brush rotations, and quick on- and off-connections. The unit is easy to set up and ready to work in minutes.

The Sky Pro Mini has a complete line of optional accessories available for an extra fee, including a small trailer that’s perfect for hauling the unit behind pickups or cars; on/off end brushes to clean inside/outside corners; two extender brushes to lengthen the cleaning path; harnesses, rope grabs, tie-off ropes and safety cones. Order your model in your company colors with your company name, website and phone number on imprinted on the shroud.

The Sky Pro Mini ™ Window Cleaning System is the perfect automatic window washing solution for mid-height or lower buildings.
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