Top 10 Reasons Why 4 Pulex Micro Tiger Sleeves Are Better Than 3

10. Pulex MicroTiger sleeves give you the best of both worlds:
super soft and abrasive. (Kind of like a fluffy Chihuahua.)

9. They come in four handy sizes: 10 inch14 inch18 inch, and 22 inch.

8. Their design looks kind of like bacon. (Mmmmm….bacon.)

7. The red abrasive strips are great for removing tough stuck-on items, like bird poop, without damaging windows.

6. The super absorbent white strips hold water like nobody’s business.

5. They make great Christmas presents! (You might buy your spouse a backup gift though – just in case)

4. Speaking of Christmas, their red and white design will make you look festive while cleaning windows this holiday season.

3. You’ll have extras for when one or more needs to be washed.

2. They reduce the need for razors and scratched glass waivers.

1. Buy three in September, we’ll send you four instead! No limit!

Tell us the reason why you put the MicroTiger in your bag for your chance to win! Giveaway ends on September 30th!

Pulex Micro Tiger Sleeves: Buy 3, Get 1 Free!

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