Water-Fed Poles and Pure Water Cleaning Systems

Water-fed poles; which traditionally use purified water along with a cleaning tool or attachment to wash windows, building surfaces, vinyl awnings, cars, trailers, and more; are fantastic natural cleaning systems. Pure water, when used correctly, is a natural cleaner that dries without leaving any residue. When used along with water-fed poles and scrubbing brushes, squeegees, and other tools, pure water systems are powerful cleaners!

How Pure Water Cleaning Systems Work

When cleaning an object you don’t want to leave water droplets or residue behind on, tap water (city water or well water) is not your friend. Tap water or hose water tends to have many different dissolved solids in it, so it will not leave your windows, car, or house as clean as you had hoped.

Pure Water is created by removing sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from water. The process of making pure water involves a chemical and electrical process. Small-scale pure water systems use a combination of filters, membranes, and resins to create pure water. Large-scale systems use electricity to separate dissolved solids from the water. An added bonus of using purified water is that it is also environmentally-friendly cleaning (unless cleaning chemicals are introduced)! So people interested in green cleaning don’t have to worry.

Purified water acts like a dirt magnet. When you use it to clean your windows or other surfaces, it attracts dirt from the surface being cleaned. Pure water works by collecting the dirt, grime, and other grime dislodged by your water-fed pole and dragging it to the ground as gravity causes it to drip down. Once the purified water has accumulated the dirt, all that will be left behind is clean water, which will dry spot-free.

How to Get Pure Water Working for You

Pure water works well in theory, but there are a few road bumps you may run into along the way. But don’t worry! These are easy to overcome, and you will see great results when you master your water-fed pole and pure water system.

  • Getting the water to the glass or surface you are cleaning. Getting your purified water to reach building exteriors, windows, trucks, cars, etc. is difficult without a water-fed system. Typically, these are designed to carry or make pure water on demand and then pump the pure water to a nozzle or brush. Water-fed poles, which frequently have long or extendable poles (you can also select your water-fed pole by size), are often used to pump water and reach high surfaces as well.
  • Cleaning off the dirt and grime. Once you have your pure water cleaning system and water-fed pole, you’ll need an attachment to agitate the dirt and grime on the surface you are cleaning to ensure it is freed and removed. This will allow the pure water to grab it and pull it to the ground. Use a brush or other scrubbing device. If your glass shows any vertical stripping after you have cleaned it, it usually means impurities have not been properly agitated and removed.
  • Rinsing after cleaning. After applying water and cleaning impurities, water will either neatly sheet off the surface you are cleaning or bead up and leave droplets. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, different rinsing techniques must be applied. With glass surfaces, different kinds of glass will need different cleaning and rinsing methods. Glass that water cleanly sheets off of, or hydrophilic glass, is easier to rinse. You simply start at the top and rinse side to side until you the water sheets all the way to the bottom of the glass. Hydrophobic glass, or glass where water beads up, is more difficult to rinse. For this, you will need to start at the top and ensure every inch of the glass is slowly hosed down by the pure water. Pay attention to detail and watch for water that is flowing in different directions (other than down), or you might be left with spotting.

Washing your windows, house, cars, and other surfaces doesn’t have to be a challenge! You just need the right tools for the job, and knowing how these tools work can help you better understand how to properly clean with them. Pure water cleaning systems in addition with water-fed poles are affordable and easy to use for both the experienced cleaning professional and anyone who wants to DIY clean their home.