Water Fed Poles

Water fed poles provide a lightweight, durable, and reliable way to easily and safely clean windows, commercial and residential exteriors, and other unreachable surfaces. Gone are the days of precariously cleaning on ladders or trying to find a way to clean without a lift system!

A window washing professional using a lift system and a water fed pole to reach higher building stories.

Benefits of Using Water Fed Poles

Why bother with water fed poles when traditional window washing and house cleaning has always worked?

Water fed poles are perfect for both commercial and residential window washing.

What to Look For When Buying a Water Fed Pole

For getting the job done as best as possible, you want to look for a water fed pole that is thin, light, and rigid. Heavy, cumbersome, or wobbly poles will just cause frustration and could potentially lead to a workplace safety hazard. For added ease of use, look for a pole that can be dismantled or collapsed when not in use for easy storing and transportation.

Still not sure what kind of water fed pole will be best for you? These are a great place to start for all cleaning professionals!

The Swift

With two varieties available, the Swift is perfect for medium- to high-level commercial work above 45-feet. Constructed with a higher grade carbon fiber weave and smaller tolerances between sections means that the Swift has unrivaled rigidity. A lightweight handle with a unique clamping system and shorter sections also provides easier handling, stowing, and transporting.

Available models include an exclusive USA-only 55-foot pole with a 12-inch brush weighing in at 10 pounds, and 65-foot pole with an 18-inch brush weighing in at 11 pounds.

The Glyder

The Glyder provides a collapsible carbon fiber pole for a light but durable water fed system perfect for 30- to 40-foot commercial or residential work. With 6 sections at 5-feet long, the Glyder comes with a simple clamp adjustment system, left- or right-handed use options, and a dependable surface area for a strong hold.

Available models include a 35-foot pole with a 12-inch brush weighing only 7.6 pounds, and a 40-foot pole with a 12-inch brush weighing an astonishing 6.4 pounds.

The Grafter

With a strong fiberglass pole, the Grafter is perfect for working around 25 to 30 feet in residential settings. Its affordability makes it a very popular model, and its easy maneuverability makes it a favorite among cleaning professionals. The light and rigid pole extends up to 28-feet and collapses down to just over 5-feet, which makes it perfect for ground-level work as well.

Available model includes a 32-foot pole with a 12-inch brush weighing 6.6 pounds.