What’s New at Moerman?

I recently caught up with Dieter Balcaen of Moerman at the Huge Convention, where he stayed super busy showing off Moerman’s newest products, which will be released later this year.

First off is the exciting new NXT-R rubber, which will be available in both standard as well as Liquidator cuts. “It’s a replacement rubber unlike any other on the market,” he explained. “It’s not silicone based, nor is it like the other rubbers, but is made of a completely new compound which offers the perfect glide. We feel confident it can compete with other top brands.”

Next is the new Hi-Modulus Carbon fiber traditional telescopic handles, which will be available in 3 sizes: 12 feet, 16 feet, and 25 feet. These poles are light and easy to handle so that they can reach tight spaces and work in tough areas with high accuracy. Each model comes with 5 sections, made from durable, lightweight, and rigid carbon material. The soft touch anti-slip cushion on the handle functions as a shock absorber. “They come without a pole tip, so you can choose which tip to use: our standard tip or Dr. Angle.” These will be released in late November.

The newest Moerman product, which will be out around the beginning of next year, is the Drywalker Flex, a BOAB that “guarantees dry legs,” Dieter explained. The Drywalker Flex is a modular system that allows window cleaners to carry either 4 squeegees or one washer and two squeegees. “The removeable drip bucket is compartmentalized so the water doesn’t spill back out. The backing is available separately in case a window cleaner wants to use both versions – four squeegees on one side, squeegees and washer on the other.”

All of Moerman’s products are designed based on what they refer to as the “EASE” principles:
Amazing Results

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